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Southampton born.   Captain Charles Fryatt, in 1915  attempted to ram an enemy U Boat  with his ship in order to escape after a surface challenge. Later in 1916 he was executed by a firing squad. Members of the Fryatt family with Peter Fryatt, Rex and Lona Fryatt, Geoff Watts, John Avery, Genevieve Bailey, A.G.K. Leonard, Will Temple, Brenda White, Julia Wetherall and Barry Gilbert proposed a project to place a plaque in his memory at Holyrood Church - the merchant service memorial.

 The Southampton Fryatt Plaque, an unregistered charity was launched on 19th June 2014. The inaugural meeting  followed the illustrated talk Southampton Cenotaph by Lona Fryatt [Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group] at the Southampton Local History Forum at the Northguild Lecture Theatre, Art Gallery entrance at the Civic Centre.  The committee consists of Peter Fryatt chairman, Geoff Watts secretary, John Avery treasurer and Rex and Lona Fryatt.

The committee announced that during the annual Merchant Navy commemoration service on 3rd Sept 2017 starting at noon, Fryatt family members and guests  gathered  for the dedication of the plaque. invited guests  later gathered at the Masonic Hall, Albion Place for a reception. Mark Baker from Harwich presented a exhibition on Charles Fryatt at the Masonic Hall on 2nd and 3rd Sept  to which the general public were invited to attend. 

Captain Charles Fryatt

See article by AGK Leonard in the Journal of Southampton Local History Forum click here
9th November 2014 Remembrance Service at Southampton Cenotaph.
The descendants and family of Captain Charles Fryatt  paid respects and observed that the name of Charles Algernon Fryatt has now been added to the glass panels which supplement the carved names on the Portland stone. Images by Den White.
The fryatt family gathered beneath the Fryatt Plaque at the Holy Rood Merchant Navy Memorial in Southampton image Ann MacGillivrayThe Mayor Councillor Les Harris and members of the Fryatt family at the dedication of the plaque to Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt at the annual Merchant Navy service at Holy Rood 3 Sept 2017 image Ann MacGillivray
The Fryatt Plaque Southampton image Ann MacGillivray
The committee acknowledges the assistance of Historic England. Allstone stone masons, Dr Andy Russel SCC Archaeology and members and supporters who contributed to funds. We also acknowledge the high quality
exhibition presented by Mark Baker of Harwich which was held on 2nd 3rd Sept at the Masonic Hall, Albion Place and to the MNA and the Southampton Sea Cadets who in spite of heavy rainfall presented a guard of honour to welcome the Mayor Councillor Les Harris.

Lectern at RSH Hospital ChapelGuildhall courtesy Arthur JefferyCourt LeetQM2's first arrival Dec 2003Southampton Old Cemetery
Two mayors laying a wreathMayor's ParlourMural Hamtun Street SouthamptonThorners Regents Park Road
Ceremony to relay the foundation stone at the RSH Hospital in 2011Central Hall SouthamptonFriends of RSH Hospital ChapelSouthampton Art Gallery
 In the 1950's Southampton Council ran a fleet of Guy Arab buses, in fact it was the largest fleet of that marque in the UK
 A small number are lovingly cared for by amateur enthusiasts and are seen out and about from time to time.
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