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Court Leet




 The 2016 Court Leet will be held in the Council Chamber on Tuesday 4th October



Tuesday 6 October 2015

The Sheriff, Councillor Cathie McEwing, presided at 11.00 am in the Council Chamber. Sheriff of Southampton Councillor Cathie McEwing

Fifteen Presentments were made, all accepted by the Jurors, although one involved a 6 to 5 vote in favour (No.15).

1 Mr Galton presented the need for a pedestrian crossing in St James Road, near the Methodist Church.

2 Graham Linecar requested that a MUGA (Multiple Use Games Area) be provided in the Central Park now that so many students live around these parks.  A suitable site needs identifying.  The Sheriff offered a suggestion, namely the old tennis courts in East Park.

3 Veronica Tippets asked if Charles Dibden’s spinet (piano) could be brought out of store and displayed somewhere suitable.

4 Veronica Tippets requested a new plaque to Jeremy McGilly, a Southampton citizen who founded “International Peace Day” (21 September).  This year is the United Nations 70th anniversary.

5 Arthur Jeffery requested the City Council to actively seek, with the developer Inland Homes, a means to preserve the remains of Our Lady of Grace Chapel and the mediaeval grain store nearby.

6 Martin Brisland, a supporter of “Mayflower 400”, asked that a flowerbed be prepared near the Mayflower Memorial in time for the 2020 Anniversary Celebrations.  The flowers he envisaged are mayflower and speedwell (several sub-species).

7 Paula Lofthus and six colleagues from “Harefield Campaign” pleaded for an improved bus service to the Harefield Estate.  They have one per hour as opposed to Thornhill’s 14 per hour.

8 Mr Trowbridge requested improved signage in St James’ Close.

9 Marian Hubble asked that telephone calls to the Civic Centre Reception be handled again by a human being, not a computer generated voice.

10 Mr Trowbridge asked that a sign be erected at the foot of the main Civic Centre entrance steps informing wheelchair users of the alternative entrance avoiding the steps.

11 Marian Hubble stated that the city needs a bus station.  Vincent’s Walk is the wrong location for the bus interchange.  It’s too near the children’s play area and one has to dodge between moving buses to reach one’s choice of bus.  Bus information is not easily available.

12 Jean Velecky pleaded for paths and ditches on Southampton Common to be properly cleared.  Once there were orchids in those ditches – no longer because the ditches are choked with grass and brambles.

13 Mr Trowbridge asked that disabled people should have first choice of ground level accommodation in Council property.

14 Lindsi Blumel asked that the stretch of Burgess Road numbers 1-14 be available once more to cyclists, making it a shared path with pedestrians.  This would mean cyclists could avoid navigating two roundabouts.

15 Mr Trowbridge suggested that the temporary housing unit be amalgamated with the main unit to save money. 


Tuesday 30 September 2014

The Sheriff, Councillor Linda Norris, presided at 11.00 am in the Council Chamber.

Seventeen presentments were made, all but two were accepted by the Jurors.

  1. St Mary’s Primary School.  The school children pleaded for more refuse bins with lids in their area.  The litter is so bad they also asked for more frequent collections of rubbish.  Accepted.
  1. Portswood Primary School.  The children wish to improve their environment.  They hope to form a Gardening Club and request help in providing tools, and they need training in the art of horticulture.  Accepted.
  1. Jean Velecky (SCAPPS) regretted that the Southampton CCAP did not guarantee the future of Blechynden Terrace Public Open Space, north of the railway station.  This green space is appreciated by many students, travellers and local residents every day.  Accepted.
  1. Graham Linecar (SCAPPS).  A proportion of the income received when events take place on Southampton Common and Central Parks should be apportioned to repairing “wear and tear” in those parks and not lost in the “corporate pot”.  Accepted.
  1. Simon Hill challenged the City Council to reverse its decision in the CCAP (April 2014) by acknowledging the potential for public access to views of Southampton Water from the Eastern Docks, if and when ABP no longer require this land.  Accepted.
  1. Arthur Jeffery (CoSS) requested the pollarding of the two large plane trees that currently obscure the Mayflower Memorial.  He reminded the Court that the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers is only 6 years away.  Accepted.
  1. Jill Starks drew the Court’s attention to the plight of All Hallows Church at Midanbury.  Services ceased there in April this year, to the disappointment of many parishioners, and the community in Midanbury need the building as a community hall.  When built in 1960, £19,000 of the £21,000 cost to build was raised by local residents; only £2,000 came from the Winchester Diocese.  Mrs Starks asked for support.  Accepted.
  1. Marian Hubble (CoSS) regretted the poor condition of several Listed historic buildings in the Old Town.  The Red Lion Inn (built 1148) is in a bad state.  The former Royal Southampton Yacht Club building, which faces the Royal Pier, is equally in need of repair, with white paint peeling off the structure.  All CoSS members care about our city and she urged Jurors and Council members to see for themselves.  Accepted.
  1. Mr Trowbridge.  The economic “cut backs” should include “ring fenced “ topics.  Rejected.
  1. Mr Trowbridge.  The Court Leet needs to last more than one hour.  Rejected.  The Sheriff will decide the length of a session.
  1. Sarah Chorley (CoSS).  There are a totally insufficient number of public toilets in the city.  Shirley has none.  Woolston’s toilets are often out of use.  The city centre has none.  To rely on the big stores in West Quay is not acceptable.  As a result, late night street urinating is commonplace.  Urgent action is needed.  Accepted.
  1. The Rev Kane asked that his Christian Group be given permission to use the chapel in Hollybrook Cemetery on Sunday mornings for their services.  Accepted.
  1. Graham Linecar (SCAPPS).  The City Council should seek partners to support projects in the Parks, particularly in the Central Parks.  The Grade II* listing in the English Heritage Register should attract support from the commercial world.  Right now the Council needs more investment in East Park to finance the achievement of an axial vista between the park and Guildhall.Square.  The Parks Team needs the support of the City PR team in this endeavour.  Accepted.
  1. Simon Hill requested a 20 mph limit for the length of Highfield Road because of the high density of pedestrian use. Accepted.
  1. Arthur Jeffery (SCAPPS) appealed for immediate action by the City Council to repair the foreshore sea defences and the Solent Way footpath at Weston Point, Woolston, following last February’s storms.  Accepted.
  1. Mr Trowbridge.  Ground floor flats in St James’ Close, Shirley, should be allocated to disabled persons as and when these flats become available. Accepted.
  1. Mr Trowbridge.  Letting Officers should avoid using taxis when visiting housing estates.  Public transport is cheaper and will comply with the “cut backs” policy. Accepted.
The Court Leet for 2015 will be held on Tuesday 6th October
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